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This Side Up understands the key to commercial moves is communication and organization. Our commercial move expert will set up a cohesive move plan customized to fit…

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We specialize in all types of residential moves including houses, storage facilities, condos, apartments and assisted living homes. Our team members have been…

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Our company has specialized equipment that allows us to move bulky items such as pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, and safes. Each of these is subject to the parameters of the move. Please…

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huntsville man moving cabinet


No job is too small for This Side Up Moving. We routinely move individual items and sets of furniture. We can pick-up from homes, stores, warehouses, and…

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This Side Up understands that packing can be the most time consuming aspect of a move, which is why we offer the service of packing and unpacking…

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As movers, we strive to make your transition as easy and stress-free as possible. We understand that after the move is complete, the last thing you…

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 Affordable and a top rated company, This Side Up Moving is the smart choice. Whether you are moving to the next neighborhood or a long distance away, we provide a moving experience that is hassle and worry free. We can handle both commercial and residential moves, provide boxes, packing, equipment, world-class trucks, cleaning and storage- a full service! Need a quote? We are fast and responsive, there’s a reason our reviews are so positive. Feel free to contact any of our 3 locations and we’ll be more than happy to provide price estimates or tips for your moving preparation. Just as important, we are local and care about your move, not like some of the big corporate brands driving around. Whether its pillows or furniture or office equipment, no job is too big to move for This Side Up Moving, your smart choice for movers.

More Moving Advice From the Experts

1. Take this opportunity to de-clutter and purge

You have to go through all your stuff anyway to pack for the move. So instead of indiscriminately tossing everything into moving boxes, use this opportunity to set aside the things you no longer use or enjoy—and don’t be afraid to be a little aggressive. You will be glad you were when it comes time to unpack and you don’t have to spend hours sorting through junk you don’t even have a place for. And there are so many easy options for getting rid of belongings now you don’t really have an excuse not to. Donate to local charity, sell on eBay, Craigslist, or other apps like OfferUp, or even have a good old fashioned garage sale.

2. Start packing early

Starting to pack well-ahead of the move can dramatically reduce moving-related stress, and also ensure your stuff is better organized and more protected. Start with artwork and décor items. These are the least essential to your daily routine and because of their value and fragility they will likely require the most attention and care in their packing. Other items that can be packed weeks ahead of time include off-season clothes and books.

3. Change your address

There’s so much to do to prepare for a move, this can be an easy task to overlook. But it’s an important one. So consider this your official reminder! You can start the process up to a month before your move. Start by filling out a change of address form with the United States Post Office. Contact your utility companies to let them know about your move and schedule times for them to end service in your current home and install service in your new home. Send out a friendly announcement to your friends and family members with your new address. And if you have pets who are micro-chipped be sure to let the manufacturer know too so they can make the update.

4. Make sure you’ll have what you’ll need right away

Toilet paper. Soap. Underwear. In the mad rush to get everything into boxes and onto the truck people sometimes forget to set aside the stuff they’ll want access to as soon as they get into their new home. It can be super unpleasant rooting through boxes at the end of a long, stressful, and exhausting day searching for something you need. We recommend packing a simple overnight bag as you would for any overnight trip. Then, stock another small container—transparent plastic bins work great—with other items you’ll want easy access to like bed sheets, towels, a shower curtain, water bottles, snacks. The small effort will go a long way in helping you feel comfortable the first day in your new house as you tackle the huge task of unpacking.


Getting ready to move? Here’s 10 tips on moving effectively while using a moving company like us.

Be Thorough

  1. When hiring a mover, make sure you and the company are fully aware of all property to be moved
  2. Often, a mover can do an in-home or video tour
  3. Don’t always choose the lowest price, that doesn’t mean the best

Review Their Estimate

  1. Even if you feel you talked about everything, review the estimate
  2. Walk through your house and property to check off any line items
  3. Make note of additional concerns and contact the mover

If Possible, Make an Inventory

  1. The average American home has a lot of individual items
  2. Inventory as much as possible, emphasizing your expensive items
  3. This allows you to check your moved property at your new location to make sure everything made it

If You are Packing, Pack Smart

  1. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box
  2. Give plenty of time for your kitchen
  3. Pack important and sentimental in specially marked boxes for easy access
  4. Make sure the movers leave boxes you need quickly closest to the door.

Establish a Set Moving Date as Soon as Possible.

  1. You don’t want the date to be a guess.
  2. You need to be mentally prepared for the move.
  3. Make time to prepare your home and pack certain special, fragile objects. This is never good to do in a rush.

Know What Cannot Be Transported

  1. Ask your mover for a list of things they won’t move
  2. It’s usually chemicals or money and varies with each mover
  3. Contact us to talk about items you might have concerns with

Create a Packing Plan

  1. While the mover may do most of the packing, have a plan
  2. We have done a lot of moves but we don’t know your preferences
  3. If possible, email it to the mover before the moving day

Establish Knowledge about Insurance

  1. Talk to your mover about insurance
  2. Ask what it does and does not cover


Who Moves and Why?

  • 40% of all moves are job related.
  • 42% of all moves are a personal choice.
  • 18% of moves are military or government related (our area is probably higher).
  • Every year, 33% of all American renters move.
  • The biggest age group of people who move is 18 to 34.
  • 35% of college grads do not end up in their home state.
  • The number one reason for moving is reported to be “obtaining an easier commute.”
  • Florida has the lowest percentage of residents that were born in the state.
  • On average, women move a bit more than men by about 7 million.

When do people move?

  • About 45 million Americans move every year.
  • In 2016, Texas received the most movers in the U.S. but on average it is usually Florida.
  • The average American moves 11.7 times in their life.
  • Half of all moves happen between May and September, probably due to summer break and a lack of major holidays.
  • Friday is the most popular day to move on average.
  • Sunday has the least amount of moves on average.
  • The average number of boxes used in a move is 60.
  • The average household moves about 6,500 pounds.

Why is moving hard?

  • Moving is the third most stressful event in life, only behind death and divorce. That should only make hiring the best option even more pivotal.
  • Hiring a moving company is often cheaper when you consider how much longer it will take you to do it, factoring in risk of injury and breaking property. Renting a truck is often times a major component that costs more for you to rent than to pay a company.
  • If possible, keep your boxes after a move. They usually can be used 1 or 2 more times and be capable of safely holding weight.