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This is our 12th year serving your neighborhood as the greater Huntsville area’s most qualified moving service. We love being able to help people move in this growing city. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating since 2009, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve hired professional movers. Whether you’re in need of a residential or commercial move, we accommodate your belongings with above-industry standard insurance.  While moving your family, you need experienced movers who will take care of your assets. For that kind of experience, This Side Up Moving has you secured, offering interstate and intrastate moving services. We’re residential movers you can trust with an assortment of moving services to fit your needs and your financial plan.



Residential Moving

For our business customers, This Side Up Moving understands that the logistics of moving your business is hectic work. Our team will attentively pack and unload all of your office items and supplies to guarantee that each instrument, work desk, seat, filing cabinet, cubicle and all files securely land in your new office. With us, you’ll get more than the comfort of expert prep work. You’ll likewise have serenity knowing your business equipment is in safe, professional hands.

Work desks, wall units, PCs, servers, and all heavy office items are no match for the Huntsville group. When you procure us for moving and rearranging services, we’ll stack, wrap, unload, and place each belonging where you need it.

Tips Before You Move

Below we have compiled some tips that may assist our customers during the pre-move process.

  • Do not pack with masking tape or slim cellophane tape. Use PVC (poly-vinyl chloride).
  • Utilize newspapers just to cushion belongings, not for wrapping things. The ink on the newspapers may rub off and can recolour items, for example, fine china.
  • Pack similar items together. Try not to pack a fragile china figurine in a similar container with cast iron frying pan, for instance.
  • Wind electrical cords, tightening them so they don’t dangle.
  • Seal containers firmly with tape, aside from those containing things that must be left open for the van operator’s inspection.

Why Move to Huntsville?

If you’re lucky enough to live in Huntsville, you don’t need us to tell you why life here is great. But for those of you who haven’t yet joined us, we’re always happy to take advantage of any chance we get to extol its many benefits. We in Huntsville know that there just isn’t a better quality of life for the price anywhere out there. And we know that because many of us have lived out there! You’ll find people here who have moved here from all over the country—and even the world—to enjoy the exceptional quality of life. So without further delay, let’s start naming the things that you can look forward to as its newest resident:


When you move to Huntsville from virtually anywhere else in the country you will be so impressed by its low cost of living that you’ll be repeating the word countless times to everyone you know., a publication that ranks U.S. cities and towns on a wide variety of criteria named Huntsville the number one most affordable city in the U.S! This is primarily because the average salary in Huntsville is about 52,000—close to the national average–but the cost of housing is way below the national average. And by the way, we’re talking about really nice housing!

Take a look at this handy chart that pops up in Google when you search “Huntsville Alabama cost of living.” You can see right away how much more affordable housing is here compared to most of the country. Overall, Huntsvillians spend around 20% of their income on housing—significantly below the national average of about 34%.  Think of the savings you could accrue over 10, 20, 30 years of living here. It could be enough to retire a lot earlier than you planned!


We Huntsvillians value education. The average Huntsvillian is actually more educated than the average American, with about 42% of adults here holding a college degree, compared to about 30% nationwide. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that four of the top ten high schools in the state are in the Huntsville/Madison area. With each boasting almost perfect graduation rates and impressive college readiness scores, you can rest assured that your child will benefit from a world-class education. We’re also home to some of the best elementary schools in the state too, including five of the state’s top twenty. And of course, we don’t lower our standards when it comes to higher education. There are twelve colleges within twenty miles of Huntsville, that each offer a unique educational experience so that no matter what your educational goal, you can find the school that will get you there. The University of Alabama, Huntsville (known locally as UAH) for example, has garnered lots of national recognition for its rigorous academics. And its engineering school is widely regarded to be among the best in the country.

Fun & Family Friendly

We work and study hard, but we know how to kick back and have a good time too. You’ll be hard pressed to find a weekend out of the year when there isn’t a unique festival or celebration happening somewhere in town: Panoply, the Monte Sano Art Festival, Rocket City Brewfest (beer!), Oktoberfest (more beer!), WhistleStop (beer and barbeque!) are just a few of the biggies. Plus, there are so many places open year round to visit and enjoy, it could take you years to cross them all off your list. Of course there’s the world renown (and rightfully so) Space and Rocket Center. But other fun and less famous spots include Huntsville’s world-class Botanical Garden, Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment, Big Spring Park, the Huntsville Art Museum, Monte Sano State Park, over 70 miles of public hiking trails maintained by the Land Trust… the list goes on! And we haven’t even mentioned yet the rich and varied entertainment and cultural options! Huntsville is home to a symphony orchestra that rivals the quality of any major metropolitan orchestra. And Huntsville’s recently renovated Von Braun Center hosts an incredible variety of Broadway shows, high quality local productions, exciting sports events, and major musical acts. Plus, Huntsville’s downtown is booming. A major downtown revitalization effort has already brought in trendy new restaurants, bars and shops. It can be hard to know where to start exploring the city! Don’t worry–the team at Our Valley Events can point you in the right direction.

Growing Economy

Huntsville recently overtook Mobile to become the state’s third largest city. And at our growth rate, it’s only a matter of years before our population surpasses Birmingham and Montgomery’s too. Plus last year Huntsville was ranked as the number one city in the entire nation for growth in tech jobs. In just one year the number of tech jobs grew by 300%! As our high tech sector continues to boom, Huntsville’s highly educated workforce continues to grow and flourish. This means that not only is Huntsville becoming an exciting and enriching place to live, but real estate in the city is an incredibly smart investment right now. Prices are still low (see point 1), but the city’s rapid upswing all but guarantees an impressive appreciation of your investment.

Have you started packing yet? Booked a mover? (We can recommend a good one.) We hope so! Because the most wonderful thing about Huntsville is something we haven’t even mentioned yet: its people. When you get here you can expect to be greeted with open arms, a warm smile, and even a cold beer (if you want one, and are of legal age of course!) We think you’d enjoy living in Huntsville, and we’d certainly enjoy having you here.